The Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank (Pink)

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Product Details:
Product Dimensions:6 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight: 10.1 ounces
Shipping Weight: 10.1 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age:5 years and up


The Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank (Pink) – Product Information

Digital Coin Counting Bank

Automatically matters and bears in mind coins as they are placed in.
Lower portion is clear to permit very easy watching of your cost savings.
LCD Nose Read-Out
Twist off head enables easy withdrawals of your financial savings.
Calls for 2 AA batteries not consisted of
” Constantly saving. Constantly counting. Always Expanding”

Counting Bank

The Digi-Piggy is a piggy bank like no other; this piggy has the ability to count your savings for you. The Digi-Piggy features an innovative electronic LCD readout on its nose that enables you to track your cost savings while being both as well as simple as well as fun at the same time. For each coin went down into the bank the LCD shows its value by blinking three times adhered to by the total amount conserved. When you prepare to empty the bank, simply press the reset button and also the Digi-Piggy is ready to begin conserving once again.

With an ingenious digital readout on the pig’s snout, the Digi-Piggy counts all American coins and maintains a running overall. Despite the order or the value of the coins put. Ideal for little ones as an economic instructional toy, for college students who always need laundromat as well as vending maker coins or adults in continuous search of those valuable vehicle parking meter quarters. Digi-Piggy is a fantastic item for every member of the family.

Constructed of highly-durable plastic, Digi-Piggy is designed with longevity, capability as well as security in mind. The electronic nose renders precise up-to-the cent readouts, ideal for youngsters that are saving with a certain monetary goal or purchase product in mind.

The Digi-Piggy has developed with safety in mind. The AA batteries are house in the top section of the financial institution with its own battery housing and a In the light of little safety screw keeps the batteries from a kid’s reach allowing for adult satisfaction.