Digital Coin Holder for Cars – Coin Counter for Car Cup Holders Automatically Totals the Value of U.S. Coins



Digital Coin Holder for Cars – Coin Counter for Car Cup Holders Automatically Totals the Value of U.S. Coins – Product Information

Digital Coin Holder for Cars

Update: Since 9/29/2017, All product issues concerning this product have been dealt with.
✔ Great for all ages! Kids will love viewing their savings grow and grownups will value having a landing spot for their modification!
✔ Approves all US coins consisting of: Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Fifty Percent Dollars and also Dollar Coins
✔ Digital LCD Display immediately monitors savings; Easy Twist-Off Cover for coin retrieval – when coins are gotten rid of or if you intend to slip in a bill, there is a simple +- feature to report the quantity eliminated and maintain an appropriate tally of your savings!
✔ 100% Refund Assurance

Digital Coin Holder for Cars

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