Famixyal Cartoon Animal Hand Crank Electric Torch 2 LED Lovely Pig Keychain Flashlight No Battery Hand Press Recharge Camping Outdoor Light (2 pcs Random Color)



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Durable and Cute
Powered by 2 High-Intensity, virtually undestroyable white LED Bulbs
High-brightness white light, beam security.
The flashlight can be recharged with the fun, retractable hand crank.
Color arbitrary, or please let us know your favored color.

Premium quality home flashlight.
By hand charged by squeezing
Hassle-free and sensible
The LED lights are durable as well as use small amouts of energy.
Perfect for outdoor camping, hiking, and also rising occasions, practical to carry with the hand band layout.
Bundle Included:
Package Material: 2 pcs Flashlight Torch