Lazy Piggy Indoor Womens Slippers

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The footwears are about dimension 5 to size 5.5. Item Measurements: 10 x 4.8 x 1 inches Ladies footwear dimension: United States 5 = Euro 35 ~ 36 = 8.5; = 21.6 centimeters; United States 5.5 = Euro 36 = 8.75; = 22.2 centimeters; United States 6 = Euro 36 ~ 37 = 8.875; = 22.5 centimeters; United States 6.5 = Euro 37 = 9.0625; = 23cm; United States 7 = Euro 37 ~ 38 = 9.25; = 23.5 centimeters; United States 7.5 = Euro 38 = 9.375; = 23.8 centimeters; United States 8 = Euro 38 ~ 39 = 9.5; = 24.1 centimeters; United States 8.5 = Euro 39 = 9.6875; = 24.6 centimeters; United States 9 = Euro 39 ~ 40 = 9.875; = 25.1 centimeters; United States 9.5 = Euro 40 = 10; = 25.4 centimeters; United States 10 = Euro 40 ~ 41 = 10.1875; = 25.9 centimeters; Due to the fact that the foot is three-dimensional, any kind of two-dimensional measuring device, such as a leader or Bannok tool, could just approximate your real footwear dimension. Please likewise bear in mind the producers make use of various lasts to create their footwears, as well as sizing could differ as necessary.

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Lazy Piggy Indoor Womens Slippers  – Product Information

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Piggy Indoor Womens Slippers

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