PowerTRC Cartoon Panda Electronic Password Piggy Coin Bank


Product Details:
Product Dimensions:7.9 x 5.7 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight: 2 pounds
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age: 3 months and up


PowerTRC Cartoon Panda Electronic Password Piggy Coin Bank – Product Information

  • Panda piggy bank will safely store all of your money and protect from thieves using password protection.
  • The password is defaulted as “0000”, but can be changed to your own 4 digit number following the instruction
  • Enter the password right and you will be able to turn the knob successfully, but enter it wrong the knob will not move
  • Paper money can slide inside easily using the automatic scroll slot and coins can be dropped in from the top of the bank
  • Protect your precious money from thieves and never worry about losing money again!

Panda piggy bank

Panda piggy bank – Are you searching for one thing incredibly. One-of-a-kind and also up-to-date nest egg for you or even little ones? Our experts possess the greatest choice for you in order to help you right to spare your cash for the future.

Only attempt out our Electronic Piggy Bank. Which is actually exceptionally developed and also built to offer you automated center to fall and also access loan out. Utilizing our thus up-to-date and also efficient Electronic Piggy Bank For Kids. They will certainly discover an enjoyable method to conserve cash. In the light of always keep all your loosened improvement over there certainly.

Our experts offer practically all kinds from piggy banks. Consisting of- rubber. Plastic. In the light of numerous other along with the digital to aid folks to locate one thing to satisfy their spending plan and also criteria. Making use of Stealing Panda Money Box. Will definitely aid in considering your cash and also will certainly show the total amount after every down payment.

Making use of Piggy Bank Counts Money will certainly additionally assist your youngsters to compute amount of money at their personal end. Nonetheless over exciting. This is actually everything about education and learning and also knowing which youngsters are going to absolutelyactually given up any kind of concerns. Aside from this.