World of Peppa Pig Face Painting with Peppa Pig!


Product Details:
Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 inches
Item Weight:0.6 ounces
Shipping Weight:0.6 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age: 24 months and up


World of Peppa Pig Face Painting with Peppa Pig! – Product Information

Peppa Pig Face Painting

Features Peppa Swine w/ her skin paintinged as a leopard
Features skin art work pushcart, circus design
Functions along with any sort of Globe from Peppa Swine playset or even auto
Consists of Peppa Swine & her art work pushcart! Component of the JazWares created Planet from Peppa Porker playthings, partners with any sort of automobile or even playset!

Peppa Pig Face Painting

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