Zczhang fish858 2 LED Hand Pressing Power Wind-up Dynamo Pig Flashlight Lamp



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  • Size:10 centimeters x 5cm x 4.5 centimeters.
    Hand-Pressing Flash Light, Bright 2 LED flashlight light.
    End up 2mins may light up for handful of hrs, No electric batteries called for.
    Hand-Pressing Flash Light, Bright 2 LED flashlight light.
    User-friendly, Only work loose the hair as well as advance that somewhat to produce electrical power for illumination function.
    ONE HUNDRED% Brand higher as well as brand new premium
    Hand-Pressing Flash Light, Bright 2 LED flashlight lantern
    Best for backpacking, exploring, as well as appearing affairs.
    Lovely porker form
    No electric batteries demanded
    User-friendly, Only loosen up the hair as well as advance this somewhat to create electric energy for lights reason.
    End up 2mins can easily ignite for handful of hrs
    Along with a palm bit for quick and easy transport
    Size:10 centimeters x 5cm x 4.5 centimeters.
    Amount: 1pcs.
    Color: Actually delivered through Random. Our team still possess others different colors which are actually certainly not presented below.

Pig Flashlight Lamp

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