Havaianas Girl’s Baby’s Peppa Pig Sandal Quiet Lilac Flip-Flop

  • Delicate and tough – made of 100 percent top caliber, really delicate and solid elastic with padded insole
  • Signature rice design sole – In addition to the characteristic of a quality brand, the mark Havaianas rice design gives added slip-obstruction
  • Man made – the first flip failures, man made in Brazil starting around 1962

Havaianas is a worldwide forerunner in the shoes class, With in excess of 224 million sets sold in 106+ nations every year. Genuine Havaianas can be recognized by the “greeks” In the tie and mark rice-design sole. Havaianas back-peddles are produced using a mystery recipe elastic that makes the soles marshmallow delicate and truly sturdy. Each sets of flip lemon is as yet planned and made in brazil. Since the brand’s send off, more than 3.5 billion sets of Havaianas have been sold. Havaianas have kept feet content with vivid, fun plans for over 50 years. What’s more, in the event that you’re interested, Havaianas signifies “hawaiians” In portuguese. Havaianas are genuinely the best elastic shoes on the planet. The super excellent of Havaianas is because of a highly confidential elastic recipe that makes the shoes delicate as marshmallows, light and profoundly strong. There are many imitations in the commercial center, however Havaianas clients realize that there is not a viable replacement for the legitimate solace and quality. Since their creation in the 1960’s, Havaianas assortments have a huge assortment of chic tones, styles and prints. Havaianas are displayed on style runways all over the planet, as well as at the most renowned occasions.